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Awards and competitions that you can't miss as an architect or interior designer in 2024

Updated: Jan 9

As the interior design and architecture industry blossoms into a new era, a number of exciting awards and competitions seem to have surfaced in the recent past. It is, of course, impossible to keep a track of all of them while you are busy designing spaces. So, to save you the trouble, we give you a round up of all the important ones that may be able to take your brand to the next level.

Before we dive into the list, while we are on the subject, please be vary of ponzy organizers who make sad desperate attempts to make money by selling awards behind the veil of nonsensical processing fees. Do not entertain them, they are not worth your time.

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Here is the list in alphabetical order -

Aces of Space Design Awards

Fees - ₹5000/-

Indian architecture and interior design are evolving with original and innovative designs. Architect & Interiors India Aces of Space Design Awards recognize architects, interior design firms, and designers making an impact in India. The awards celebrate original thinking, creative breadth, and a zeal to explore new ideas, focusing on celebrating designs that exceed expectations.



Fees – Free

The AD100 is a prestigious annual compilation recognizing India's most influential figures in architecture and design. This curated list acknowledges architects and designers who consistently redefine creative excellence and push the boundaries of innovation. It serves as a definitive guide, showcasing the impactful and groundbreaking works of these influential professionals.



Fees – Free

The AD x JSW Prize for Contemporary Craftsmanship is a yearly award that acknowledges the efforts of individuals, studios, organizations, karigars, and designers deeply involved in the field of craftsmanship. The award also recognizes schools and communities making significant contributions to the new dialogue on craftsmanship in India.


Archello Awards

Fees – $85 - $170

The Archello Awards stand as an accessible and thrilling international accolade, spotlighting excellence in architecture projects and building products globally. This dynamic awards program captures the essence of outstanding design, showcasing innovative and visionary contributions that shape the architectural landscape. It provides a platform for architects, designers, and industry leaders to celebrate and recognize the remarkable achievements that push boundaries and redefine architectural standards. The Archello Awards not only honour the creative minds behind transformative projects but also spotlight cutting-edge building products that contribute to the evolution of sustainable, esthetically pleasing, and functional spaces on a global scale.


Asia Architecture Design Awards

Fees – $180 -$ 200

The Asia Architecture Design Awards intends to celebrate the remarkable work of talented designers and innovative businesses in the rapidly growing architecture and design fraternity of emerging Asia. The award intends to foster global recognition and appreciation for their work.



Fees – ₹6000/-

Creative Minds Next is a valuable platform for seasoned designers to showcase their finest works, offering a significant opportunity for exposure to their ongoing projects. This competition provides a dynamic stage for experienced creative professionals, allowing them to gain recognition and visibility for their innovative and impactful design endeavors.


Commercial Design Awards

Fees – Free

The Commercial Design Awards stands as a prestigious accolade, acknowledging excellence and innovation within India's commercial real estate and design sector. This distinguished program serves as a beacon for recognizing the finest and most creative endeavours shaping the country's business landscape. It celebrates the fusion of architectural ingenuity and practical functionality, honouring outstanding projects that redefine commercial spaces.


CWAB Awards

Fees – ₹1800/-

The CWAB Awards, India's most coveted awards for the architecture and building industry, recognizes the Top Architects and Builders of India and felicitates them. The event has gained in stature and importance with each passing year.


Construction Week India Awards

Fees – Free

The Construction Week India Awards celebrate excellence in India's built environment. They recognise individuals, initiatives, and businesses that are shaping the future of the construction industry. The awards are highly esteemed and acknowledge the achievements of the country's infrastructure players.

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Dezeen Awards

Fees - £90 - £480

The Dezeen Awards, hosted annually by the influential design magazine and website Dezeen, honours outstanding achievements in architecture, interiors, and design. With diverse categories such as architecture, interiors, design, and sustainability, Dezeen seeks fresh, innovative, and newsworthy content, spotlighting projects with compelling narratives.



Fees – Free

The ELLE DECO INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS (EDIDA) is a global celebration of design excellence initiated in 2002. The Indian edition, held since 2003 in Mumbai, acknowledges the nation's top designers across 15 categories. This prestigious event serves as a platform to honor and showcase outstanding contributions to the world of design.


Geevees Awards

Fees – Free

The GeeVees Awards annually highlight excellence in "Conscious Design," acknowledging the brilliance within the architect and interior designer communities. This distinctive ceremony applauds innovative ideas and visionary minds, showcasing a commitment to design that prioritizes consciousness and thoughtful practices, contributing to a more responsible and inspiring built environment.


Glitz Design Honour

Fees – ₹3000/-

The GeeVees Awards annually highlight excellence in "Conscious Design," acknowledging the brilliance within the architect and interior designer communities. This distinctive ceremony applauds innovative ideas and visionary minds, showcasing a commitment to design that prioritizes consciousness and thoughtful practices, contributing to a more responsible and inspiring built environment.

Glitz Tejomaya

Fees – ₹3000/-

The GLITZ Tejomaya Women in Design Award is a prestigious recognition dedicated to Indian designers, aiming to inspire collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking among architects and designers. By honouring women in design, the award fosters a supportive community, encouraging the exchange of expertise and fostering meaningful connections within the design industry.


GROHE Design Awards

Fees – Free

The GROHE Bath & Design Awards stand as a prestigious acknowledgement of India's top interior designers and architects, celebrating their excellence in crafting exceptional bathrooms. This annual ceremony highlights and honours the innovative designs that contribute to redefining the standards of bathroom aesthetics and functionality across the nation.



Fees – $250

The International Design Awards embrace, celebrate, and foster innovative design visionaries and discover emerging talents in Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, and Fashion Design.


Infinity Awards

Fees – Free

The iDAC Infinity Awards are a prestigious recognition for exceptional contributions made by individuals and organizations in the fields of design, architecture, and construction in India. They recognize industry leaders who have set examples for others to emulate and aim to distinguish talented professionals who have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields. They provide recognition and exposure to the best and brightest in the fields of architecture, interior design, and consultancy.


Identity Design Awards

Fees – Free

Identity Design Awards was launched in 2015 in response to the demand for a pioneering design awards programe. Identity is the regional authority on global design, and the awards maintain the same high standards as the magazine's unbiased and independent editorial content.


Lexus Design Awards

Fees – Free

The Lexus Design Award India recognizes and honours the best industrial designs by Indian designers. It embraces innovative designs that contribute to a sustainable future while enhancing the happiness of all.



Fees – ₹3600 – ₹7200

The Spaciux Design Awards serve as a vibrant celebration of architects and designers, emphasizing their achievements and diversity. Launched to showcase completed projects in architecture, residential and commercial spaces, as well as interior design, this annual event provides a platform to recognize and applaud the innovative and inspiring contributions within the design community.


Trends Excellence Awards

Fees - Free

TRENDS EXCELLENCE AWARDS FOR ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN has swiftly grown into India's most prestigious design competition. The awards, presented by Home & Design TRENDS magazine, aim to recognise the finest of creativity, innovation, originality, and inspiring practices in Indian architecture, interiors, and design.



Fee - ₹7000/-

The VM&RD RETAIL DESIGN AWARDS is among the most esteemed events in the Indian retail industry for the retail design community. Leading Indian talents compete in retail design, visual merchandising, service providers, and manufacturing.


Wade Asia

Fees – Free

WADE Asia National Awards is the largest platform for recognizing Women in Architecture, Interior Design, Art, Construction, and Engineering. The platform has been documenting the progress of women in these fields.


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