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A comprehensive guide to exhibitions in the Indian interior & architecture domain

Updated: Feb 18

In the bustling world of architecture and interior design, numerous international exhibitions serve as beacons for professionals seeking inspiration, innovation, and networking opportunities. These exhibitions, offering platforms to showcase cutting-edge trends and revolutionary design solutions, draw architects and interior designers from around the world.

These top design exhibitions in India serve as a melting pot of creativity, innovation, and inspiration for architects and interior designers. By being a part of these events, professionals and stakeholders from the industry stand to gain invaluable insights, establish meaningful connections, and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving design landscape in India. These exhibitions not only showcase the current design trends but also shape the future trajectory of architecture and interior design in the country.

Let's delve into the essence of the top-tier exhibitions that stand as indispensable pillars of information in the global landscape of design. Subscribe to our events calendar to never miss a event -

(In alphabetical order)

Acetech: Asia's leading trade fair and the third-of-its kind in the world for architecture, construction, and engineering, Acetech stands as a beacon for the latest technological advancements and design solutions. It is a forum that enables brands to showcase a comprehensive array of products and services to a large audience, leaving a lasting impression. Participating in Acetech can boost returns on investment with increased sales, brand visibility and community engagement, exposing revolutionary avenues of networking.  Hence, as an architect or interior designer, visiting Acetech  should be at the top of your list of annual activities.  

When: October (Bengaluru); November (Mumbai); December (New Delhi); January 2025 (Hyderabad)

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D/code: A TimesGroup initiative powered by Home & Design Trends Magazine, D/code stands at the intersection of design and culture, offering a unique perspective on contemporary design trends. India's first curated art and design fair, D/code strives to unite industry leaders and design enthusiasts for meaningful idea exchange and vital discussions about the industry. The platform significantly promotes and celebrates design, bringing together established luxury interior brands, architects, interior designers, and artists across various sectors.

When: December (Mumbai)

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Design Democracy: Design Democracy serves as  a festival and exhibition showcase platform, creating a space for design enthusiasts to assemble, explore, connect, and immerse themselves in the world of design. It also strives to democratise access to innovative design solutions with architects and interior designers participating in a discourse that emphasizes on inclusivity and diversity, reflecting the evolving landscape of design in India. The event  offers attendees a unique opportunity to witness, engage, and experience diverse aspects of design and discover new brands and ideas in the interiors and lifestyle domain.

When: October (Hyderabad).

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FOAID (Festival of Architecture and Interior Design): FOAID is a celebration of architectural brilliance and design ingenuity, providing a platform for architects and interior designers to engage with thought leaders and visionaries. With a focus on fostering creativity and pushing boundaries, FOAID inspires professionals to think beyond conventional norms and redefine the landscape of design.

It has hosted over 70 design shows nationwide, featuring 1000+ inspirational design talks that have reached 50,000+ global audiences. The platform strives to unite diverse voices and forms of expression through design discourse. FOAID's flagship events span two days, celebrating creativity, exceptional designs, and diverse topics through displays, discussions, debates, competitions, and awards, along with offering excellent networking opportunities.

When: November (New Delhi); December (Mumbai)  

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iDAC Expo: Conceived by Nova Exhibitions and Conferences, iDAC Expo aims to create meaningful and introspective conferences and exhibitions for the construction industry across the country and thereby the society at large. With strong belief that the industry can grow manifold through bona fide guidance and interaction, this event provides a meticulous platform to the makers, Creators, beginners as well as insiders of the industry through the exhibition and allied events. A must-visit for all stakeholders of the design and built community, from students of design and architecture, professionals, academicians and service and solution providers, iDAC is a showcase of what is trending today to the future innovations in the industry. Mark your calendars for this event that happens in two cities annually.

When: March (Mumbai); December (Hyderabad) For more details:

Index Plus: Index TradeFairs brings together the finest in interior design, featuring a diverse range of products and services that span across residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. The exhibition is a treasure trove of inspiration for architects and interior designers, providing  a panoramic view of the latest industry-defining trends and innovations. Organised by NuernbergMesse India, Index Plus - the  IP of Index TradeFairs is a premier trade fair for Furniture & Furnishings, Lighting, Art, and Interior Design in India. Having a legacy of over 30+ years, it is India’s largest focused commercial platform on interiors, architecture, materials, and design, and plays a crucial role in bringing together the industry brands and professionals under one roof.

When: May (Mumbai); August (New Delhi)

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India Design ID: Known as the country’s best luxury design week, India Design ID is an Ogaan Media initiative. A convergence of style and innovation, it showcases the best in interior design, furniture, and home decor. Architects and interior designers gain access to a curated collection of products and ideas, paving the way for the creating of spaces that resonate with  functionality and aesthetics. You can explore everything from new launches and exclusive showcases to signature collections, stunning installations, and personalised walkthroughs with 135+ Indian and international exhibitors.

When: February (New Delhi)

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RAW Collaborative: RAW Collaborative embodies the spirit of collaborative design, bringing together professionals from diverse design disciplines to create synergies that transcend traditional boundaries. Architects and interior designers find inspiration in the cross-pollination of ideas, fostering a holistic approach to design that considers the broader context of the design ecosystem.

Their success is largely attributed to the like-minded designers, makers, artists, and artisans they’ve encountered over the past four years, who have significantly contributed to elevating Indian design.

When: Between November & December (Baroda/Ahmedabad)

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The AD Show: An epitome of luxury and design sophistication, The AD Show is a prestigious event that celebrates the fusion of art, design, and craftsmanship. Architects and interior designers attending this exhibition are treated to a curated collection of exquisite products and designs, offering insights into the world of opulence and refined aesthetics.

When:  September (Mumbai) 

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